Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Twilight Sky

Running into the fields climbing up trees dancing with friends
the robins red
breast soars across the twilight sky
she has a glimmer in her eye
the robin lands
at a home ...oh so very slow...
she creeps in the house
creep creep
up the stairs into
a dark misty room
where an old man sleeps
the man awakens by a white light
the robin turns into a beautiful young woman
"come" she says holding out her hand
to the old man
the old man climbs out of bed
"where are we going?" he said
the woman looked at him and smiled
"it's time"she said
the old man knew instantly
he grasped her hand
and they flew out the window
into the twilight sky.

written by: me, Emsings

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