Friday, May 1, 2009

The woman and the mirror

Once there was a dark house up on a crescent hill top. In the dark house there was a woman who loved to stare at herself in the mirror.
"Oh look at yourself darling' she said "you must be the most beautiful women in the country !!" Beautiful she was but wicked too. She had shiny black hair (which was always rolled up in a bun,) Long black nails, perfectly filed, wore a black dress and had a black heart. The woman lived alone she had no husband no children and no pets.

The woman hated animals but the one animal she couldn't stand was cats. She despised them. One night, when the woman was staring at herself in the mirror she heard a scratching at her front door.

"This is private property!" She yelled out still staring at herself in the mirror. But the scratching got louder "Go away...NOW!!"

The scratching got louder with every word she said. It got so loud that it sounded like whatever it was, was standing right next to her.

Frustrated, the woman got up and opened her door, then stumbled back in disgust. There, sitting on the porch, was a bleak gray and white tabby cat.

"GO AWAY YOU DISGUSTING CREATURE!!!" She screamed. The cat was very skinny, skin and fur clinging to bone, it's blue eyes stared at her longingly. The cat's bones in her face made the eyes slightly bulge. Her paws were cut and bleeding, with fur covered in mud and dead bugs. Despite the cats appearance, her eyes were saying
"please help me, I haven't eaten in three days and I'm very sick.... please help me."

"GO AWAY SHOO SHOO!! "The woman kicked the cat off the door steps and slammed the door. "Wretched Thing!!" She said.
Glancing back at her window she watched as the tabby cat sat outside, staring in coldly, shaking it's head. In an instant the cat disappeared with the wind. The last thing you could see was her mournful blue eyes drifting away.
The woman just rolled her eye and grabbed a black silk ribbon from her dress, wrapped it around her bun several times and in a tight pull (snap) the ribbon snapped in two. (grunt)
"All this stress is just wretched for my skin!!!" she said and strutted towards the mirror. Fluffing her seat, she sat down and smoothed her dress. As soon as she set eyes on the mirror she jumped back in fear; screaming wildly.

"GET AWAY! GET AWAY! OH WHAT'S HAPPENING!!!!!!!" Cried the woman. There in the mirror was a blue eyed woman. She had long, flowing, yet wild, white hair, no nose, just two holes sitting flatly against her face, blood thin red lips, her teeth were snarly fangs, with ears as sharp and pointed as thorns, she wore a gray dress with black stripes.
"you wicked thing you" the woman in the mirror said "you think too much of yourself". "You abandoned me in my time of need."
"y-you?! B-b-but that was just a dumb cat! " Said the woman backing away from the mirror.
"You thought it was a cat but it was ME!!"
By this time the lights in the womans house were flickering.
"You must pay MUST!!!!
"PLEASE SPARE ME!!” Said the woman dropping to her knees. I WON'T DO IT AGAIN!


"Very well I will spare you BUT as your punishment every time you look at yourself in the mirror you will see ME instead of you”.

The woman stared at the blue eyed woman for a long time than nodded at last. The blue eyed woman waved her arms frantically until all the dust around the house swirled into the mirror, consuming the blue eyed woman and in an instant, she vanished.

The woman looked around her house. All of the mirrors were black as a reminder that if she dare glance in, the blue eyed woman will return. The telephone rang.
"ring, ring, ring, ring". Her hands shaking, she picked up the phone reluctantly. "Meow". "Meow". she squawked instead of saying hello. The woman held her throat. Slamming the phone down. "WHAT", What IS THIS? I cannot speak????" she said to herself.. She glanced out the window to see fading blue eyes drift away with the wind. The woman sat in her house on the crescent hill unable to admire herself any more and became the thing she hated the most.

Written by emsings

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  1. Wow you wrote this?? What a goooood creepy story! love it. can't wait to read more of your stuff!